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Hawkins School Board

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 Hawkins ISD Board of Trustees
Budget, tax rate set;
Public hearing 08/17

Meeting in special session on Monday, July 20, the board of trustees of the Hawkins Independent School District approved a proposed budget for the 2009-2010 school year. And, based on that budget the trustees set tax rates for the operating budget and the debt repayment budget. The board also voted to accept the resignation of Wendy Noble.
Business Manager Robby Fair presented the proposed '09-'10 budget which calls for an estimated $9,565,000 in expenses and anticipates $9,588,000 in revenue-a projected deficit of $45,000 for the budget year. Should that deficit materialize, the district would draw down from the Fund Balance of more than $3.3-million carried over from the current school year. Based on the valuation of property per student, Hawkins is a Chapter 41 ("Robin Hood") district which requires payment of funds to the state of a portion of property tax revenue. For '09-'10 the administration has calculated the payment due the state at $1,939,032.
The budget includes the addition of a 24th step to the salary schedule for teachers, librarians, and counselors. That step will be $530 higher than the 23rd step. The budget, which has a teacher-librarian-counselor salary step increase of two percent also has a contingency for an additional $877, or approximately two percent, in federal stimulus funds. The use of the federal stimulus funds will be determined by the Texas Education Commissioner who is seeking federal review and approval of the plan. Auxiliary and Administrative personnel will receive an increase of four percent over last year.
Major non-payroll elements of the budget include $248,408 (up $3,500) for food service, $199,479 (up $3,100) for maintenance, $119,700 (up $5,200) for athletics, $90,330 (up $2,300) for transportation, $38,180 (up $4,600) for band, and $100,000 (down $60,000) for technology. A major technology investment was made during the '08-'09 budget year.
Trustees also approved the recommended tax rate of $1.04 per hundred valuation for the maintenance and operating budget (M&O) and $0.1481 for debt repayment (I&S).
Both the budget and the tax rates will be the subject of a public meeting on August 17 at 7 p.m.
After a closed session of nearly three hours, the board reconvened and voted to accept the resignation of Wendy Nobel, a kindergarten teacher, under the terms and conditions discussed during the closed meeting and authorized Superintendent Dan Rose to sign a voluntary exit agreement on behalf of the district as proposed by legal counsel. In another personnel matter, the board approved of the hiring of Maria Williams as a secondary teacher on a one year probationary contract.
The next regular meeting of the Hawkins ISD board is scheduled for Monday, August 3 at 7 p.m. A special meeting of the board may be held with 72-hour advance public notice.


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