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HLR A/B Board Minutes 7-21-09

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JULY 21, 2009
(File: ABBoardMin072109)
I. Call the Meeting to Order (Conference Call held in the office of Rob James) - Bob Levy, President, called the meeting to order. Members present from the A Board: Bob Levy, Michael Hall, Rebecca Hitt, Wayne Hitt, and Jane McMillian. Members present from the B Board: John Sparks, Vice President, Larry Bowman, Treasurer, and Jeanette Sterner, Secretary. Rob James, General Manager of HLRA, and Barbara Cooper were also present.
II. Approval of Meeting Summary - January 27, 2009. A motion was made by Larry Bowman and seconded by John Sparks to approve the minutes. Motion passed.
III. Wild Lake Path Road Discussion. Rob said at the last A/B Board meeting we discussed the issue of paving Wild Lake Path located in Section 4 up to Lot 512. There are no homes on these properties. {When this issue was presented at the January A/B meeting, Rob said the cost to completely asphalt this road would be approximately $12,120. The break down is $3,000 for a road base (150 tons,) $1,788 for a 36" culvert (50 foot,) and $7,332 for asphalt (94 tons.) Rob said the area had to be surveyed and basically start with an unimproved dirt road. At the January meeting, no decision to pave the road was made at that meeting.} The proposal Rob presented today was $12,582.45, excluding the cost of surveying the area. The breakdown is $4,000 for a road base (200 tons @ $20/Ton.) $1,082.45 for a 24" culvert (60 feet,) and $7,500 for asphalt (100 tons.) The costs are estimates because of the possibility the cost may increase if the project is initiated or completed at a later date. Rob said we need to include the cost of diesel for our tractor, dump truck, and lay down machine. Rob said that only a road base would be laid until a home was completed on one of the owner's lots, which are 510, 511 and 512. Each lot will be sold as separate lots, with each having a home built on them. A road base would be laid once a permit for building a home was obtained by the owner. The road would be improved enough to allow work crews to enter the area to build a home. The A/B Board does not want to put out the expense of a new road, if the owner is not going to build within the year. Once the owner builds his first home on one of the three above lots, asphalt will be laid on Wild Lake Path Road up to lot 512. At this point, the owner will have until September 20, 2011 to sell the remaining two lots. If he has not sold the two lots by said date, the two lots will no longer be "grand fathered" and will fall under the current dues structure guidelines. Rob said all of the above stipulations and agreements would be in writing and signed by all parties. Bob Levy said Silverleaf would help pay for the project if we ensure that the owner will build homes on these properties. He is very concerned about spending money for a road going to vacant lots. John Sparks said that is the agreement we would present to the owner. Rob assured the Board that a letter stating HLRA stipulations would be agreed to and signed before any roadwork began. Bob asked if we need a motion at this time. Larry said we need to see if the owner agrees to these stipulations and signs a letter agreeing to his requirements. If he does agree, then we will conduct another conference call to vote on a motion which basically will state the costs Silverleaf will incur and what costs HLRA will incur for this "phased" project on Wild Path Road once a building permit is obtained to build the first house and again once a home is complete and ready for sale and/or occupancy.
IV. East Side Entrance Improvement Discussion. Rob said we discussed this issue before as well, but more data was needed. He said we need to renovate the security building and improving the entryways into Holly Lake Ranch, both on the West and East side. The estimated cost is $103,832.56 for the Security Building. The breakdown of these costs has been furnished to all Board members. Bob Levy said any costs in excess of $100,000 would have to be approved by Joe Connor and Bob Mead. Bob Levy's main interests are signage and dressing up the entryways rather than the security building. Larry said when we discussed this issue at the last meeting we mentioned we (HLRA) had the (maintenance) West side entrance and you (Silverleaf ) had the (maintenance) East side. The security building may be a separate issue but it is very inadequate. The security personnel handle issues for Silverleaf as well as for property owners. Larry feels somewhere along the line we are going to have to give them a more adequate building to work. Larry asked Bob Levy if he has been in that building. Bob said it has been at least a year since he has been in the building. Larry said it is difficult to work over there because of the space provided, the overall condition of the building and work environment. Bob said he would look over the plans Rob sent him and he will speak with Joe Connor. They will review the situation and decide what they can and cannot do. Rob asked how much Silverleaf paid for signage and Bob said it was very expensive. Larry said he feels the type of signage used at Branson or some other places may be too expensive because it does not need to be as elaborate to "fit" Holly Lake. The signs here need to blend in with the rustic atmosphere we have at HLR. Bob believes the new signs and lighting would run between $20,000 and $30,000. Wayne Hitt was asked about the signage he purchased for the Villages fairly recently and he said they spent around $80,000. Larry said we would pay for the West side entrance improvements in signs and lighting, but share the cost on the security building. Bob said he will get with his people to see about ideas and plans for improvements. We need to work together on the plans for signage, lighting, and landscape. John said whatever we do on the left side need to complement what is done on the right side. Bob said he would try and get signs for both sides so they will be matching. Bob asked what type of materials was going to be used for the construction of the security building. Rob said stone and wood; no steel. Larry said by looking at the bid of $103,832.56, it does not appear there is a lot of "fat" in there. There was a general discussion as the size and location of the building. Larry asked Bob to send us information concerning the entrances once he has his conversations with Silverleaf executives. This will give us a chance to review their plans and proposals before we meet again as a Board. (NOTE: The policy of the B Board is NOT to erect any building that will cost the Holly Lake Ranch Association over $100,000 without a vote of the people. The B Board is negotiating with the A Board to obtain a cooperative effort to improve the entrance way and share the costs of a new security building, improved lighting, landscaping, and signage. Both the East and West entrances are being reviewed for improvements.)

There was no further business. Motion was made by Larry Bowman and seconded by Jeanette Sterner to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed.
The meeting was recorded, cataloged by number 072109 and available in the office of the administrative assistant by appointment.
Submitted by Jeanette L. Sterner, Secretary


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