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Dash of Pepper

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It's a girlie thing   (as in CATFIGHT)
The Gazette Staff

It is fashionable in certain quarters to put down Sarah Palin.
The knocks, snubs and even insults generally come from Lefties, New York liberal women, old line feminists, and even a smattering of East Coast and Left Coast "intellectual" conservatives, although their disapproval is more muted. It largely consists of frowning at Sarah's style rather than her ideology. But her critics on the Left also are left with attacking Palin on style because they lose the arguments on substance. She has done things in her time of governor of Alaska that no other American woman has accomplished. Now she needs to take time to bone up big-time on major current issues.
The attacks often consist of her use of the language. She often drops the "g" as in talkin' and goin'. The coastal elites seem to discount anything other than an Ivy League education, but since Palin did graduate in journalism from the University of Idaho, I have to assume she is educated enough to use the language properly, but has adopted the style of speaking that most of her constituents could relate to. She often anwers a statement with "You betcha!"
I grew up in Canada and I had a well-educated friend from Alberta who often exclaimed "You betcha!" It may be a "westernism."
They have attacked her style of clothing, calling it "the slutty flight attendant" look. Most of the flight attendants I have encountered wore a uniform, but otherwise seemed nicely dressed. Notice the foul aroma here of class distinction? I though we fought a revolution to get away from that kind of thing. Anyway, flight attendants of the world, unite. If I were Sarah, I'd go speak at their next convention!
Then there's this: Sarah has several children including a special needs baby and a grandchild that was born out of wedlock. When I worked in New York, I knew females, feminists actually, who had a problem with women who had more than two kids. Apparently, this was déclassé. I won't bother to comment on the barbs thrown at Palin because she opted to give birth to a baby she knew would have special needs. This kind of insult is beyond the pale.
As for the grandchild, would critics have preferred that Sarah push her daughter into a marriage that apparently was not going to succeed? When I was young, yes, that was how things were done. We called them shotgun marriages. Sadly, the former fiancé and father of the baby is now on a tattle-tale tour of the mainstream media, trolling for money. My father would have taken him to the woodshed.
Is Sarah perfect? No and that's part of the reason she is so popular. Is her family perfect? No, but they should be out-of-bounds as are the children of most major political figures.
I think the ordinary women in Middle America relate to Sarah and her struggles. But when I worked in Manhattan, I ran into a breed of female that would seek to damage you if you had a degree of success they envied. They could be utterly shameless in this effort. They often were not physically well endowed by their Creator.
They could go so far as to intimate that pretty women didn't possess the intellectual rigor to be successful executives. However, deep down, they suspected the truth: most people tend to trust attractive people of either gender because they expect they won't be carrying a bitter chip on their shoulder. By and large, these are women who often complained about the so-called "glass ceiling", but many of them became wealthy while doing so.
It should also be noted that I once had a female boss who was, well, rather homely. But she had been brought up in a loving home by parents who told her she was wonderful. She had a sparkling personality, incisive wisdom and a great sense of humor. She also had an extremely handsome husband. A co-worker pondered how that came to be. I said, "It's because she makes him laugh" among other reasons, of course.
I read with glee that some husbands of these Upper West Side elitist ladies had remarked that Sarah looks "really hot."
The barbs directed at Palin have one root cause: sheer unadulterated fear of her power.
You betcha!


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