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Editorial 8-1-09 issue

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editorial photo.jpgHow do you read this Stock Market? Obama + Obama -

Since Obama was sworn in, last January, and took over the controls of the country, we saw a bottom in early March (3-6-09) followed by one of the biggest rallies in stock market history. It has gone far beyond what is called a "bear market rally" with the S&P 500 currently (Monday 7-27-09) up 47% over the lows.
How are they spinning it? Obama's supporters are saying American and foreign investors like what they see. Naturally, Republicans have a different view and will spin it some other way. The stock market is a leading indicator of how hundreds of millions of people are voting with their money.
The chart below shows alot of money being put on the table and it is hard to ignore the implications. The "bulls" appear to be running and in control. How do you read it? W.C.



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